Microblading - PMU

Permanent make-up allows you to accentuate your features while reducing the length of your beauty routine.  How does it work? Hypoallergenic mineral micro-pigments are deposited into the dermal layer of the skin. We provide this safe, medically proven technique to our guests, at an affordable price. 

With over 25 years experience in permanent make-up for eyeliner, lips and eyebrows; we exclusively using Micro-Tat is a combination of Microblading and tattoo using digital machine to create  hair strokes for a more natural look and long lasting effect to accentuate your features which will help cut  your time of getting ready in the morning, correct and improve the shape of your eyebrows to best frame your eyes; old tattoo eyebrows can also be color corrected and redesign that will takes years off.

Eyebrows                                                                               $300 +

"Micro-Tat"  a technique exclusively only at TNN Beauty Lounge; we use digital machine and manual technique (Microblading) to design hair-like strokes and different shades of color are added to your eyebrows to create perfectly shaped brows designed to frame and compliment your eyes.  This procedure will definitely shave times off getting ready and also gives you a more youthful looking.


Upper Eye Liner                                                                    $250 +

Accentuate and shape your eyes beautifully with perfectly design to fit your lifestyle and personality.  (Natural liner - Thin liner), (Glamour liner - Medium liner), (Diva liner - Thick liner).

Lower Eye Liner                                                                   $200 +

Define your and shape your eyes naturally with perfectly colored liner:  Thin liner, Medium liner, Thick liner.

Full Lip Shading                                                                     $450 +

Create fuller lips with custom shading.

Lip Liner                                                                                 $450 +

Define your lips with perfectly colored liner.

Areola Reconstruction                                            Call For Pricing

This procedure is for those who have had a mastectomy and lost their areola. We are able to restore color and shape so you can feel like yourself again.