Lash Styling

synthetic lashes

Synthetic Lashes are usually what most lash lovers start out with. These type of lashes are usually a little bit thicker in diameter compared to mink lashes.

They create more of a dark mascara type of "no makeup, makeup look"!


hybrid lashes

Hybrid Lashes give you the best of both worlds.

These type of lashes are for those who want the depth and fullness synthetic lashes give, while also desire the natural wispy affect mink lashes provide.


mink lashes

Mink Lashes are great for sensitive eyes. These lashes are very light and soft creating a flirty fluffy design. They mimmick the beauty of your nautral lashes and present themselves as if they are truly yours.



TNN Beauty speacializes in CORRECTIVE EYELASH EXTENSIONS. We can fill gaps, build "bridges", and use our curated techniques like "eyelash weaving" to quite literally build the framework needed to create any type of lash look you wish for.


ALL Fullsets and Fill Options Available in LIGHT, MEDIUM, THICK


Member             Regular


$85                              $135

$110                            $160

$155                            $205



$55                               $85

  $75                               $105

  $115                             $145


Member              Regular


$115                           $165

$145                           $195

$215                           $265



$87                              $150

$117                           $177

$167                           $217


 Member             Regular


$127                           $187

$187                           $237

$257                           $297



$105                           $145

$145                           $175

$175                           $225

Additional Lash Pricing

TNN Beauty Lash Membership  $99

Strip Lash   $25

Cluster Lash (15 clusters per eye)   $35

Extension Removal   $20