It is important to practice daily lash care hygiene following your eyelash extension services!



Taking these steps, can help perseve the life of your lashes and prevent irritation near the eyes.


Keep your extentions fresh and flirty!



See List Below for Best Lash Care Guidelines.


  • Avoid water for 24-48 Hours including: shower, baths, swimming pools, etc.
  • Refrain from heavy gym activities for 48 Hours including: working out, yoga, sauna, steamroom, etc.
  • Clean daily with OIL FREE makeup remover/cleanser
  • Use a blow dryer on a low cool setting to dry lashes
  • Carefully brush your lashes with a clean mascara wand ONLY 1/2 way through your lashes, NOT from the base to avoid pulling them out
  • Do not rub, pick, or pull on your lashes
  • Be gentle with your lashes
  • Try to sleep on your back to avoid crushing them
  • No perming, tinting, or curling your lash extensions
  • Avoid any/all oil based products; these can break down the glue used to apply the lashes
  • Try not to use any products near/on your lash extensions to prevent build up near/around the eyes
  • Schedule a fill within 2-3 weeks so we can replenish or make them fuller before they all fall out, resulting in needing a fullset instead of a fill.