G.L.A.M. Services

We specialize in Glam Lashes, Airbrush Makeup and Microblading.

Frame your eyes with long, thick, beautiful lashes. Available in Mink Fur, Hybrid and Synthetic.  

  •  Mink lashes are light on the eyes  so you don't feel like you are wearing extensions and great for fine lashes.
  •  Hybrid lashes is a  combination of mink and synthetic lashes to design according to your preferences
  •  Synthetic lashes are darker and will feel it more on your eye lid.

Our artists are here to help you be your most beautiful and get you ready for that important occasion.

With over 25 years experience in permanent make-up for eyeliner, lips and eyebrows; we exclusively using Micro-Tat is a combination of Microblading and tattoo using digital machine to create  hair strokes for a more natural look and long lasting effect to accentuate your features which will help cut  your time of getting ready in the morning, correct and improve the shape of your eyebrows to best frame your eyes; old tattoo eyebrows can also be color corrected and redesign that will takes years off.