Permanent Cosmetics

Permanent makeup allows you to accentuate your features while shaving time off of your beauty routines. Hypo-allergenic mineral micro pigments are deposited into the dermal layer of the skin using the latest method most preferred "Micro-Tat" ; implant hair strokes  with a digital machine makes the color last longer.  We provide this safe, medically proven technique to our guests, at an affordable price. 

"Micro-Tat" Eyebrows

Hair-like strokes and different shades of color are added to your eyebrows to create perfectly shaped brows designed to frame and compliment your eyes.


Upper Eye Liner

Accentuate and shape your eyes beautifully with perfectly colored liner.


Lower Eye Liner

Define your and shape your eyes naturally with perfectly colored liner.


Full Lip Shading

Create fuller lips with custom shading.


Lip Liner

Define your lips with perfectly colored liner.


Eyelash Extensions

Frame your eyes with long, thick, beautiful lashes.  Available in Mink, Hybrid and Synthetic.

Soft Mink

Signature Mink Set 

Mink lashes are light on the eyes  so you don't feel like you are wearing extensions and great for fine lashes.


 FULL SET 60-80 lashes/eye:  $130

2 weeks return or 30% of lashes left 30-40 lashes/eye:  $80

For more or less lashes:  $1 a lash



Signature Hybrid Set

Using a combination of mink and synthetic lashes to design according to your preferences.  


FULL SET 60-80 per eye:    $130

2 wks return or 30% of lashes left

30-40 per eye:  $80

For more or less lashes:  $1 a lash 



Signature Synthetic Set

Synthetic fiber are darker, coarser and you will feel it more on your eye lid.


FULL SET 60-80 lashes/eye:   $130

2 wks return or 30% of lashes left

 30-40  lashes/eye:  $80

For more or less lashes:  $1 a lash



Party Lashes

Strip Lash - 1 day wear   $25

Cluster Lash (10 lashes/eye)   $35

Extension Removal   $20

Air Brush Makeup

Be your most beautiful. Our artists will get you ready and radiant for your important occasion.

Dramatic Makeup (90 min)$125

Glamour Makeup (60 min) $95

Natural Makeup (30 min)$75

Face  $35 +

(Foundation, high light & contour

Eyes $35 +

(Eyeshadow, Eyeliner,  Eyebrows, & Mascara

Party Lashes $25-$35

Just Eyebrows $15

Just Lips $15

For group discount - please consult


Our Dry Bar styling - let us get you ready for work, daily wear or special occasions.

Dry Bar

Blow dry Styling $45 +

Extra for long and thick hair


Party Styling

Short Length $45

Shoulder Length $65

Mid Back Length $95

Waist Length $135

Extra for long and thick hair